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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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recover. they've lost their loved ones. their loss will never be -- lives will never be the same. >> john: sobering thought as we ponder what has happened here. russell pearce, thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. thank you for allowing me to. >> john: thank you for joining us. fox news alert. a tragic day for the state of arizona and the entire nation. a mass shooting in tucson leaves congresswoman gabrielle giffords in critical condition. giffords shot in the head, a bullet that went through one side, pierced her brain and came out the other side of her skull. but a doctor says he is optimistic that she can recover from this attack. the gunman opened fire while giffords was meeting with constituents outside a grocery store in tucson. many people have been wounded, at least five are dead, including a federal judge, john roll, and a nine-year-old child.
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police say the shooter is in custody. they identify him as 22-year-old jared loughner, we're not certain yet of the pronunciation. doug mcelway is live for us in washington bringing us washington reaction. doug? >> yeah. reaction here, just the same as everywhere else, people just devastated by this attack on by all accounts, a very, very good woman and a kind woman, a talented woman with a lovely, lovely family. one of the things that that family is obviously going to be concerned about in the days and weeks and months to come is her condition. you mentioned right off the top, john, that the nature of this injury was the bullet pierced her temple and came out the other side of her head and that she was apparently conscious and able to communicate with doctors in the aftermath of this traumatic brain injury. there is a long, long history, both in the united states and around the world of people who have survived and indeed thrived in the aftermath of this kind of
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injury. perhaps one for the history books and one which gained a lot of medical attention over the years was one in 1848, the victim was a guy named finyus gauge, building a railroad in vermont. he was tamping dynamite when it exploded. the steel rod went through his head. he was conscious and was able to walk up to other workers at the time. he lived a long and productive life, for something like 12 or 13 years in the aftermath of that. most recently, through the wars in iraq and afghanistan, trauma surgeons and medical army and navy surgeons have been able to deal with traumatic brain injury, the likes of which we've not seen before and we're seeing people really learn to recover from these kinds of injuries in ways they have not been in the past. so there is a lot of hope there for the injured congresswoman. another thing that we'll be seeing in the days and weeks to come is reignited debate over the mentally deranged people's
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access to guns. this is something gun that there is reason for optimism in the sense that both sides in the gun debate have come on very strongly about this kind of thing. wayne la pierre has been a very vociferous advocate for depriving people with mental issues of guns. he did in the aftermath of the john hinckley attempt on the assassination on ronald reagan and he was asking how was that man, committed to a mental institution for a night, how that information was never passed on to the national crime information database. we'll see that argument and that issue reignited in the aftermath of this attack in tucson, arizona. john. >> john: doug live from washington. thank you very much. if you're just joining us once again a terrible situation in tucson, arizona. perhaps a dozen people, perhaps more than that shot. we know that ten people have
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been hospitalized. we know that at least two people are dead, a nine-year-old girl and a federal judge, john roll, both killed in a shooting that was apparently targeting gabrielle giffords, a member of congress, representative of the 8th district there in arizona, who was shot through the head and yet is alive right now and doctors have said they believe they will be able to save her life. the shooting of representative giffords, sending shock waves throughout washington. president obama, other lawmakers on capitol hill also reacting and speaking out about this vicious attack. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington, d.c. to bring us the latest. >> it's hard to understate and overstate this, officials at all levels are condemning it as a senseless and horrific act. the president and the congressional leadership, presidential candidates, many more issuing statements. president obama called the attack an unspeakable tragedy. a senseless and terrible act of violence that has no place in a
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free society. this is an all hands investigation. multiple levels of law enforcement involved. the f.b.i. will be taking the lead. miraculously, doctors are optimistic go gabrielle giffords' recovery despite that shooting. she was said to be responding to commands and communicating with doctors when she was admitted to the hospital. president obama spoke to the nation this afternoon. >> she is currently in a hospital in the area and she is battling for her life. we also know that at least five people lost their lives in this tragedy. among them were a federal judge, john roll, who has served america's legal system for almost 40 years. >> just a short time ago, the former house speaker, nancy pelosi, from san francisco, now the house minority leader, reacted at a town hall meeting, bringing folks at that event the news of the shooting. listen to this.
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>> we stand before you with the deepest sadness for the act of violence that was committed against our colleague, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, her staff, her constituents and now we know a federal judge as well. our prayers and thoughts are with all of them, all of their families. >> the president asked f.b.i. director moeller to travel to arizona to personally oversee the according nation of this investigation. he also called the governor brewer, as well as the entire congressional leadership today. the three-term congresswoman had her office vandalized last year and just last week, took part in the historic reading of the u.s. constitution on the floor. her role was the first amendment. >> the first amendment, congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or
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the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. >> she is very popular. while doctors are optimistic about giffords, federal judge john roll was among those killed this afternoon. he was appointed by the first president bush to the federal bench and as president obama said just this afternoon in his remarks, that mr. roll had served the american legal system for the last 40 years. the f.b.i. director is headed to the federal command already. already we're seeing increased security for members of government. >> john: that's what i wondered. they get very tight security in the capitol building itself, but when they're out in their district, typically not so much. what kinds of changes are we looking at here? >> there has been a warning issued by the capitol police reminding every member that they are urged to take additional
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caution and maintain a new and renewed vigilance. these are not uncommon warnings for members of congress. there are regular scares. there was an evacuation in the capitol building within the last week and a half. these sorts of things are fairly common, these warnings, and when a tragedy, nothing like this in recent memory or even distant memory to compare it to, clearly everyone is aghast and taking a new look at their own security as well as the security of the body as a collective. >> john: how ironic when you listen to the reading of the first amendment that she did in the capitol in the house of representatives on thursday, to the the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances and when you read some of the things on the internet from the man we believe to be the gunman here complaining about everything from the poor use of grammar to illiteracy, to the fact that he was given a bible at a military recruiting statement, whatever problems he had with the
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government, it was his right to peaceably assemble and, in fact, he could have done that peaceably with the congresswoman today at that meeting and apparently he chose to simply fire at her and other members of the crowd indiscriminately as well. carl cameron in washington, thank you. i want to bring you more insight into congresswoman giffords' life and career. let's go back to our washington bureau where peter ducey joins us live. >> a few years ago, gabrielle giffords became the youngest woman ever elected to the arizona state senate and before that, she ran her family tire and automotive business. now that she's a member of the u.s. congress, she keeps busy by sitting on the committee on armed service, committee on science and technology, and the committee on foreign affairs, which is where, according to her web site, she helped reform a state department initiative aimed at reducing drug trafficking and cartel violence along the u.s.-mexico border. her 9,000 square mile district shares a 114-mile border with
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mexico. back home, arizona is just one of three states that let's people carry concealed weapons without a permit and giffords herself is a gun owner who has come out in the past strongly supporting the second amendment. back in 2008 when the supreme court ruled that washington, d.c.'s ban on guns was unconstitutional, she was thrilled, saying, quote, it was a common sense decision that reaffirms the constitutional right and arizona tradition of owning firearms. i commend the court for ruling in favor of restoring our right to bear arms. she had college degrees from cornell and scripts college and is the only member of congress right now with a spouse on active military duty. her husband is nasa astronaut and navy pilot mark kelly, who is going to be on board the second to last space shuttle mission and as carl mentioned, she's one of the ones who took part in the constitution reading on the house floor. her job was to recite the first amendment and hopefully she will
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be back on the floor sometime soon. >> john: that would be an amazing thing if and when that happens. peter ducey, thank you. her district, the 8th district of arizona, has a 100-mile border with the nation of mexico. as the representative of that district, she was vitally interested in a number of immigration issues. she wanted to stiffen border security, we're told, impose tougher penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants and create a guest worker program that would allow workers to come into the united states, especially for seasonal work. now, like a lot of lawmakers, these days congresswoman giffords kept her constituents updated on her activities using twitter. she posted this tweet just before the shooting, inviting folks to come out here and chat with her. she says, my first congress on your corner starts now. please stop by to let me know
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what is on your mind or tweet me later. it's one of the great things about american democracy, that a member of congress can just walk out into a grocery store parking lot and communicate with constituents and that is what she was hoping to do today when all hell broke loose. a gun mapp firing at her and firing apparently indiscriminately into the crowd. we know at least five people are dead. among them, a nine-year-old girl and the chief district judge, chief federal district judge for arizona, judge john roll. for more on representative giffords' career on capitol hill, we're joined by fox news political analyst, angela. also democratic strategist, christopher, a former aide to new york senator chuck schumer. it sounds, angela, as though she was one of those who was sort of beloved by both sides, republicans and democrats. >> you know, john, public service is a sacrifice and congresswoman giffords represents true leadership.
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when you have governor jan brewer and former speaker of the house, now minority leader nancy pelosi singing her praise, john, that's a great thing. as you stated earlier, she is for immigration reform, but she's against amnesty. so very unique congresswoman who could work with both sides of the aisle. >> john: i need to correct myself again because i used the past tense. and to our amazement, despite this injury, doctors believe that they will be able to save her life, despite the bullet that went through her brain. again, she is recovering right now at a hospital in arizona. angela, when you hear the way she is held in such high regard by both parties really, i guess the question that i asked earlier of a couple of our guests comes to mind again, which is can this be in some way a turning point, a time when both parties say, hey, we've been arguing and screaming at
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each other sometimes about the wrong things and maybe it's time to just step back and get together and move this country forward? >> this great lady is a fighter and i'm sure she's inspiring many and i'm hopeful, i'm hopeful now that members of congress can go to the hill and actually promote positive change. this lady has worked tirelessly on policies to help create not only a better america, but a more prosperous america. so i hope that congressional members will lead by her example. >> john: christopher, what are your thoughts as we discuss this terrible event that has happened to her and to so many others? >> well, of course, we're praying for her speedy recovery and get her back to work for the people of arizona and the people of this great nation. and she is the perfect example of how, in this country, we are not miles apart. i know angela and i are friends. we come on fox together and we talk about the issues and we argue about things, but at the
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end of the day, we all believe in the same thing. we want to see a better more prosperous america. that's good for everyone. we may disagree about how we'll get there, but that is our goal. we believe in the public discourse, of people being able to come together and disagree about things, but not necessarily hate each other because of it. we want to work together and get things done. she's a true moderate. there aren't that many moderate democrats left in congress. she's a woman who believed in tighter border security. she may not have supported the arizona immigration law, but she was instrumental in getting president obama to put 1200 troops on the arizona border and secured $600 million for border security in her state. even as she didn't support governor brewer and the senate in arizona's immigration law, because she believed that we needed immigration reform and tighter border security, but she wasn't exactly in lock step with the other side of the aisle and how it should happen. as are so many cases here when we talk about the political discourse in this country.
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we all have different ways of want to go do it, but we all want to see the same thing happen at the end of the day. >> if she doesn't make a speedy recovery like we want, she just proposed a law that would actually have congressional members take a 5% pay cut. i'm hopeful that the blue dogs democrat also take on that fight for her. >> john: that was an interesting bit of legislation and she talked about that with our bill hemmer. bill, i should mention, is coming up in 45 minutes and i'm sure he'll get into this himself. but yes, a 5% pay cut she suggested for members of congress hasn't been done in something like 70 years or more. >> since 1933. >> john: right. and yes, you could say it's symbolic, but symbolism is important at a time like this, isn't it, mark? i'm sorry, christopher. >> yes. i think that's correct. i think that most americans didn't see their wages go up in the last year or two, three, and most feel that the congress hasn't done enough to secure
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this economy. so if they're going to take a symbolic pay cut, i think that's something that should be done and they should do it in her honor. but i expect her to be back it congress working for 5% less before too long, from what i've been hearing from the reports today so far. >> chris, you know what? you and i are miles apart on certain things. but i think today, my brother, you and i both agree and we're both praying for her family. >> john: and what about -- >> absolutely. >> john: it has been pointed out that arizona is an open carry state. if you want to, you can take a gun and it's my underring, a concealed weapon to an event like this, you know that there are going to be all kinds of calls to change that. now, ultimately, that will be up to the people of arizona. but christopher, let's get your take on that.
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it's going to be pretty incredible in the days and weeks to come, don't you think? >> i don't want to get into gun control today. but i think this man who had this gun should not have had it. if there was something we can do to prevent people like this from having guns, it should be done, bus people like this who will take a gun and silence an elected member of the house of representatives, silence the people's representative by his bullet, that person should not have a gun and people like him should not have a gun. i don't think anyone would disagree with that. >> and clearly this man had some mental issues. clearly. she read the first amendment, we in america have a right to state our grievances, but that's at the ballot box or being lobbyists on capitol hill. not with a gun. so there will be a big gun debate. but the congresswoman as peter ducey said earlier, is for the second amendment.
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so guns don't kill people. people kill people. but chris, you are right. if you have some type of mental issue, mental problem, you shouldn't have access to a fire weapon. >> john: and worth pointing out that the congresswoman is a gun owner herself. >> yes. >> john: thanks very much for being with us. angela and christopher. thanks. >> thank you. >> john: the speaker of the house, john boehner, issued this statement about his colleague, condemning the attack on congresswoman gabrielle giffords and members of her staff saying, quote, i am horrified by the senseless attack on congresswoman gabrielle giffords and members of her staff. an attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve, acts and threats of violence against public officials have no place in our society. our prayers are with congresswilliam giffords, her staff, all who were injured and their families. this is a sad day for our country. and on that note, it is worth repeating, a point that i tried to make earlier and perhaps not so eloquently, but we know there
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are at least five people dead here. congresswoman giffords amazingly survived and doctors believe that they will be able to save her life. there are at least five people dead, including a nine-year-old girl and the federal judge, federal chief district judge in arizona, judge john roll. it is easier for us as a news organization to put together information about the people we know, the people who led public lives, for instance, the judge and congresswoman giffords. we do not mean to imply that the injuries that have taken place to the congresswoman or the death of the federal judge is any more important than any other person who still apparently lays in the parking l. but their deaths and their identities have not been released yet. we frankly don't know who the other people are who have been killed in this attack at this point. ask we cannot bring you information about them. but our hearts go out to their families, our thoughts and
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prayers are certainly with each and every one of them. homeland security secretary janet napolitano, the former governor of arizona, she is issuing a statement about the shooting of giffords and others saying, quote, i am deeply saddened by reports that congresswoman gabrielle giffords, chief judge john roll and others were attacked this afternoon in tucson, arizona. there is no place in our society or discourse for such senseless and unconscionable acts of violence. gabby is a steady fast representative for southern arizona and both she and john are dedicated public servants. the department of homeland security has offered all possible assistance to the f.b.i. and the pima county sheriff's office who are leading the investigation. my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family and staff and all those who were injured in this difficult time. harris faulkner has been working the phones and just spoke with police in tucson. what did they have to say? >> john, what i'm trying to find
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out is what is going on with that situation at home that police have surrounded in tucson that's not far away from the shooting scene. i was trying to get some confirmation that that is the home of jared loughner. all i can find out is that it matches an address listed on several on-line sites where he was registered. so there is a mix and match of his name, this address, police there. what police will confirm for me is that there are several other locations because as we've been reporting all day, john, since this happened, they've got all hands on deck in the state of arizona and they've got feds and everybody else. but locally what they're doing is they're trying to secure certain areas and i don't know if they're looking for more evidence or if they're protecting people or what. but on the list are several residences, official building, local hospitals, more than just the one, i'm told, where we know victims have been taken. why that is, again, it's not clear. but they have a tremendous amount of resources giving
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support to pima county sheriffs from the tucson police department at these different locations. i asked if there is a clustering. for instance, is there like a certain neighborhood they're concentrating on that, sort of thing. might that neighborhood be near this house where we know police surrounded? those questions were not answered. but right now we're kind of piecing together the fact that they're on the ground. we've been talking with our fox affiliate in tucson and we have been able to work with them on getting dispatched to the location where police are surround to go get us better eyes on the ground. but for right now, local hospitals outside of where they may have taken victims from this morning's shooting, several residences and official buildings in the city of tucson being secured at this hour by tucson police. back to you, john. >> john: harris faulkner. thank you. we are just getting a visual image of the suspected gunman in this case. here is the picture as revealed by his -- in his yearbook, we
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understand. this is the suspected gunman from 2006, jared loughner, we believe is the pronunciation. put a number of rantings on places like youtube and myspace, rantings and ramblings are really the best way to describe them. they certainly seem to be the work of somebody who is unhinged, maybe even deranged. i'll read you a portion of something posted on youtube. it was not a video. he didn't read this to camera. these were letters on the screen. reading the united states constitution, i can trust the current government -- i can't trust the current government because of the ramifications. the government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar. no, i won't pay debt with a
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currency that's not backed by gold and silver. no, i won't trust in god. those the writings of jared loughner, the man whose picture you see on the screen there right now. steve, a former f.b.i. assistant directer, former chief of counterterrorism in washington and is with us now from our dc bureau. steve, how do authorities go about investigating a widespread, horrific crime scene like this? you've got federal officers involved, but it took place obviously under local jurisdiction. who takes precedence? >> nobody really takes precedence, john. it's done cooperatively and as a team. the f.b.i. asserts federal jurisdiction because of the shooting of a congresswoman and the killing of a federal district court judge. these are also homicide and assault investigations. so the idea is to work together
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on bringing strengths of all the law enforcement agencies to bear. you do it step by step, carefully, you do it thoroughly. you have a crime scene. so there is a tremendous amount of forensic evidence that needs to be collected carefully and analyzed and acted on. in the meantime, there is a traditional criminal investigation. who did it and why did they do it and did they do it alone? was it a conspiracy? there are a million questions that have to be answered. you commit the resources and you do it in a professional, coherent way and i'm certain that that's what's going to happen here. i noted that bob moeller, the f.b.i. director is personally taking command on the scene. that's pretty unusual. i don't remember any other occasion where a director took command in the field. normally they're involved certainly, but back here in washington at f.b.i. headquarters. here it's going to go differently. but ultimately i'm sure based on just past history in cases like this, that we'll get to the bottom of this and we'll
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eventually know what there is to know about the case. >> john: i guess you could describe this as terrorism, maybe domestic terrorism. he actually writes a lot on these web sites that i've been alluding to. he writes about terrorists and the definition of a terrorist. and in some ways, he is the f.b.i.'s worst nightmare, the lone wolf terrorist, this apparently solo individual, we haven't heard any reports that they're looking at any other individuals. the solo individual with a plan and with a gun or maybe more than one gun who just wants to cause mayhem. >> you're absolutely right. that in a sense is your worst nightmare 'cause it's very hard to detect that, to see it coming through your traditional intelligence channels, unless theyhare their intentions with other people and unless those other people come forward, there really is virtually no way to prevent this. you're right.
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in that sense, it is your worst nightmare. >> john: it raises the question there, all these postings that we now see on the internet and it's a little early yet to be hearing from friends and classmates who know this guy. he is in federal custody or in custody, i should say. but almost without exception, when these things happen, people come out and say, oh, yeah, i knew he was weird, or i was concerned about him but... it raises the question about, you know, does any agency ever look at some of these internet postings from people like this and raise any red flags or would that be some kind of invasion of privacy? >> well, it's a combination of a lot of different factors, john. there are a lot of strange people who do many strange and disturbing things and even if you know about them, even if you're monitoring them and aware of them, there really is very little that you can do about it. there is no law against being strange. there is no law against ranting and raving. you can't lock people up merely
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because they engage in that behavior. yes, if they go beyond a certain threshold, if they start to make threats or acquire certain kinds of weapons. but very often what you find in these investigations, you find two things, some number of people who say i just don't believe it, he never gave any indication. he was a good neighbor and a good friend and student. you always find some of that and yes, oftentimes you find people who talk about disturbing kinds of behavior. but most often, it doesn't rise to the level of law enforcement ability to do anything about that behavior. >> john: it doesn't get any stranger than the kind of behavior and the kind of ramblings that have been attribute to do that guy whose picture was just on the screen there, 22-year-old jared loughner apparently of arizona who we are told is the suspect in custody now in connection with this terrible shooting outside a safeway store in tucson, arizona, having shot three the head a democratic
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member of congress, gabrielle giffords, and taken the life of a federal judge, john roll, along with a nine-year-old girl and at least the lives of four other people. let's recap what we know about those who were shot. congresswoman giffords is in critical condition, but in a press conference, one of the doctors caring for her says he's very optimistic that she will pull through. we know she was communicating with doctors despite a bullet wound that went all the way through her head. at least five people are dead in that shooting rampage and i should stress the at least. one of them is u.s. district judge john roll and a nine-year-old girl. four other people are in critical condition. five, we're told, are in stable condition. let's take a look at congresswoman giffords' road to capitol hill now. born and raised in arizona. she won a seat to the state house of representatives in the year 2000. two years later. she became the youngest woman elected to the state senate
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there. she made her way to washington in 2006. among a wave of democratic winds that year. giffords describes herself as a fiscally conservative, blue dog democrat. in fact, she used to be a republican. lawyers granted her a third term in the u.s. house just this past november. she narrowly beat out a tea party favorite. she's 40 years old, is considered a possible contender in 2012 for the u.s. senate seat currently held by republican jon kyle. senator kyl to our knowledge has not indicated whether he intends to run for reelection and as a democrat, whether he runs for reelection might be immaterial to her. federal judge john roll is among those killed in the shooting that wounded congresswoman giffords. we have just received this statement from the chief justice of the united states, john roberts. it reads, quote, chief judge roll's death is a somber reminder of the importance of the rule of law and the sacrifices of those who work to
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secure it. joining us now on the phone, judge andrew napolitano, our fox news senior judicial analyst. judge napolitano, is this a judge whose work you know? are you familiar with his history in arizona? >> i can tell you, john, that i think you would describe him as a quiet, methodical conservative republican. not a surprise having been appointed by president george r.w. bush, and fitting in arizona. he was the chief judge of the district court, meaning he was the senior in time and made administrative decisions with respect to courtrooms and courthouses and things like that. but as a judge himself and i've been working the phones and the e-mails since i learned of this tragedy a little while ago, doesn't seem to have attracted controversy. doesn't seem to have issued rulings that were bizarre or weird or outside the main
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stream, was not known for interfering with the works of the state government, was just a methodical, hard working, well respected, well liked conservative jurist whose death is a shock to all of us that are in the legal community. >> john: we don't know exactly what transpired and we may not know for a while. it's going to take a long time to reconstruct what happened at that shooting scene. we understand that someone in the crowd returned fire and there is some speculation that it might have been some kind of a guard or a body guard assigned to the judge. i mean, do federal judges normally get bodyguards? >> well, they have bodyguards had they're on official duty, which would mean in the courthouse or if for some reason, their work took them outside the courthouse. but having a body guard on a saturday afternoon at a shopping mall would be extremely unusual, but not unprecedented. federal judges can order u.s.
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marshalls to protect them 24/7, but that is extremely unusual and quite frankly, john, i only know of one federal judge in the country who as we speak, has done that and who does enjoy that protection. my guess is he just happened to be there and happened to get in the way and probably was not even a target of this mad man. >> john: because it did seem unusual to me -- i mean, this was not a campaign rally. the campaign, especially for members of congress, is over. this was a meet your member of congress event. so to have a federal judge there struck me as a bit unusual. you think it might have just been a fluke? >> i do. it would be unusual for a federal judge to do that. first of all, we can presume that they knew each other. i don't know if he lived in her district. but being a federal judge, if he wanted to chat with her, he would pick up the phone and call her. of course, we don't know the details of what happened there. look, if this federal judge was a target of the killer, and if
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the killer's intention was to prevent the federal judge from doing something as a judge, then, of course, you have a federal crime of capital murder for which he could be executed. if, on the other hand, he was just killed because he happened to get in the way, then it's not a federal crime, then arizona law would take place. he still may be exposed to the death penalty, but it would be under arizona jurisdiction and not under the federal. >> john: that is -- if you had to venture a guess, who prosecutes this suspected shooter first, the federal government or arizona? >> the federal government almost always takes precedence when there is joint jurisdiction. joint jurisdiction because two of the targets were federal officers and because homicide is ordinarily a state crime. so my guess is, as your prior guest just said, the f.b.i. is taking charge of the
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investigation. federal prosecutors will indict first. federal prosecutions will occur first. state prosecutions will occur second. >> john: and does this change anything with regard to the protection that is offered to federal judges or maybe even judges on the state and local level? >> you know, it's going to depend again on whether the evidence shows that the judge was a target. judges are threatened all the time and you got so many threats, that they literally go in one ear and out the other. you just don't take them seriously. as i said, judges do have the authority to order themselves to be protected if that's an improper order, it will be interfered with by a higher court. if there is a basis for it, then it will be sustained and the protection will stay with them. but on a saturday afternoon at a supermarket, it doesn't seem as though protection was with him or he's the type of person that would have ordered be with him.
6:37 pm
>> john: judge andrew napolitano, thank you. >> of course, john. >> john: let's bring in a familiar face to many americans, cindy mccain, the wife of senator john mccain, the seep orsenator from arizona. former presidential candidate as well. i saw a blistering statement from your husband regarding the suspected gunman here. do you want to share your thoughts and maybe his thoughts as well, cindy? >> i would have expected nothing else from my husband and i agree with him. this is a tragic day for arizona and for our country and most importantly, for gabby's family. this is something that in the politics of the united states of america, we not only don't expect, but it's unheard of. unfortunately for those of us who live in the state of arizona , we are looking at this from a standpoint of how we can
6:38 pm
come out of this and what -- where future takes us. for right now, those people who were harmed or killed by this, particularly the child involved in all of this, this is a tragic day for all of us. >> john: let me read part of that statement that i alluded to earlier. and again, many statements have come out from various members of congress and the u.s. senate. but here is the one that senator john mccain released. i'm horrified by the violent attack on representative gabrielle giffords and many other innocent people by a wicked person who has no sense of justice or compassion. i pray for gabby and the other victims and for the repose of the souls of the dead and comfort for their families. i beg our loving creator to spare the lives of those who are still alive, heal them in body and spirit, and return them to their loved ones. whoever did this, whatever their reason, they are a disgrace to arizona, this country, and the human race. and they deserve and will
6:39 pm
receive the contempt of all decent people and the strongest punishment of the law. there are some indications, cindy, that this gunman thought he was going to go out in a blaze of glory. he sort of posted good-byes on some of these internet pages on which he posted these rambling screeds. the fact that he is in custody, what do you say to a guy like that? >> well, as my husband said, he will be taken and tested by the highest law in the land and hopefully charged with the brutality that he has caused. you know, it's hard to -- social media these days and all the good that came with it also brought an awful lot of bad. so there is many issues kind of floating around in this as we discussed earlier today locally, the tenor of the congress, the
6:40 pm
tenor -- our treatment of each other as human beings. i think maybe it's time to step back and take a look at how we do business in a general basis because it does affect people. people see what the congress does, see what we do and then they behave accordingly. so in my opinion and i believe in the opinion of my husband, not only does the tenor of the united states need to be toned down a bit and we need to work together, but by all means, we've got to stop things like this from ever happening again. >> john: i know the arizona delegation is fairly small. i imagine there are times when you may have run across congresswoman giffords. don't mean to put you on the spot if you do know her. but if you do, can you talk about her? >> oh, i certainly knew her. i knew her more as someone who was a native of arizonan such as i am.
6:41 pm
she comes from an old family in arizona, well respected family, and like so many people from families like that, she was taught service was the most honorable gift she could gift and that's what she chose to do. but she and her husband represent the best of what america has to offer. they have served their country honorably, continue to serve their country and really are a great beacon to young people that hopefully will serve in their foot steps. >> john: and she represents -- well, the kind of centrist philosophy -- former republican, now a democrat, seems to have friends and supporters on both sides of the aisle and based on that statement that your husband, the senator issued, he is one of her big fans. >> he's a huge fan of gabby, always has been. gabby is a true arizonan and for
6:42 pm
those of white house grew up here, she exhibits really how we were taught in school. i mean, she's very centrist. she's very pragmatic, very practical in the way that she represented her district and the folks from arizona. and most importantly, she was dedicated to being close to her constituency, which is what brought us to where we are today. she took her job very seriously and took what she needed to do for her district very seriously. >> john: just an example of that, we saw her thursday morning on the floor of the u.s. house reading the first amendment of the constitution and interesting, that was not an assignment. members of congress, as i understand it, volunteered to do that and it was sort of first come, first serve. so she was among the first in line who wanted to get on the floor of the house of representatives and do her part reading the constitution out
6:43 pm
loud. she got the first amendment, which tells you that she was up there near the front of the line and that was only on thursday and then here she is on saturday holding this constituent event trying to get closer to the people in her district and it was there that this violent assault was reaped upon her. >> yeah. she absolutely was a leader in all respects. as you said, she was reciting the first amendment on thursday. thursday was amazing day for all of us. as it always is when we swear in a free congress in a free country the way that we do. we have our differences, our faults. no government is perfect, but by gosh, the one in the united states of america is the best there is and it's a wonderful one. >> john: cindy, you're slipping into something that i have done from time to time today and even the president did, referring to her in the past tense and we have to stress, even though there were reports -- >> i didn't mean to, no. >> john: i know. z thank you for correcting me. >> john: there were reports she
6:44 pm
had passed away. but those reports turned out thankfully to be inaccurate. she took a bullet through the head and through the brain, but she's still alive and doctors say that they believe she will continue to remain so. it is absolutely amazing given what has happened to her. final thoughts? >> she is amazing and i apologize to her family for that. absolutely. final thoughts? i am so sorry, i am speaking to you today about this particular issue. i am so -- i'm going to be saying prayers every hour of every day until she is recovered and everyone else who was with her is recovered and for those who we lost today, god bless their families and i'm so sorry for all of this. >> john: cindy mccain, the wife of former presidential candidate, john mccain. thank you for sharing your time with us. >> thank you for having me.
6:45 pm
>> john: it is just an incomprehensible event. a brutal shooting rampage in arizona. it was a congress on the corner campaign, or session, i should say, in a grocery store parking lot and now at least five people are dead. congresswoman gabrielle giffords in critical condition. doctors say the gunman shot her through the head, but they are apt mystic she can -- optimistic she'll recover. can you imagine once she returns to her position what, the applause will be like on that particular day? the gun fire erupting outside a grocery store in tucson where she was meeting with constituents. police have a suspect in custody. he's identified as 22-year-old jared loughner. doug mcelway is live in washington. he has an update for us. >> good to see you. as the evening progress, we're hearing more comments coming in
6:46 pm
from the white house, from capitol hill, and beyond. president obama speaking very somberly from the white house. we've also heard from speaker boehner, former speaker pelosi speaking from san francisco. we just heard from senator mccain with that powerful statement and his wife now. many other colleagues, political friends and foes offering a their condolences for the dead and thoughts and prayers for the wounded. and we now know from the writings and from the postings on youtube, myspace, as well as elsewhere, that the gunman in this case, 22-year-old jared loughner of tucson, arizona, had thoughts and expressions that were so clearly beyond the range of normal thinking and rationality, his favorite books includeed mein kampf, animal farm, one of his writings, he said, the government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar. that just one snippet of a large
6:47 pm
array of wildly bizarre, perhaps psychotic ramblings. he posted a video himself on youtube, apparently posing as the grim reaper, at least as some other erie masked figure. there have been reports that he was an afghan war vet, but our staffers at the pentagon have found no record of his military service. they're researching that at the pentagon now. but so far, no record of his military service. that such a person, john, was able to have access to guns will undoubtedly renew the debate over access to guns by people who have mental problems. both sides in the gun control debate advocated bans on gun ownership by people who have mental instability. we heard this in the case of virginia tech murders. wayne la pierre said it was unbelievable that this guy, consign to do a night in a mental institution, did not have that record put in the national crime information center.
6:48 pm
and so the debate will undoubtedly continue. john, that's it from washington for now. >> john: doug, thanks. doctors say congresswoman giffords suffered a gunshot wound to her head that entered one part of her skull, went out another. the bullet apparently passing through her brain. she is in critical condition, as you can imagine. earlier today, one doctor said he's optimistic about her prognosis. so what are the odds of surviving something like this and what about the prospects of permanent damage? dr. mark siegle is with us. when i first heard in the early moments about this shooting, a bullet through the head, you think people don't survive that, but she has. how is that possible? >> no matter what i tell you, this is for sure a miracle. it doesn't happen often. it's in a small percentage of cases. the fact that it was a low speed weapon helped her. like with president john f. kennedy, it was a high speed rifle. the brain then basically explodes. in a low caliber weapon, you have a chance.
6:49 pm
the bullet goes through, but the path it leads is much larger than the bullet itself. so she has to recover from that. there is an expansion that goes on. you hope that the brain doesn't shift. in her case, she made it. the best progressistic sign we have is that she was speaking before she entered surgery and after. that's incredibly positive. here is what happens now. she goes in the intensive care unit. they have her on a respirator. they breathe her rapidly to decrease the pressure in the brain. they use steroids to decrease the pressure in the brain. they use antiseizure medication, antibiotics and diuretics to get the water off, to keep the pressure down in the brain. they keep observing her and so far, so good. it looks very, very good. only part of the brain was involved. >> john: i know in some places they open up a flap in the skull to relieve the pressure. >> that's a smart point. they can do that and then put that piece of the skull back later. but again, it's a larger hole than you might think from the bullet. and the key here is to reduce
6:50 pm
the swelling so that she can recover. the fact that she's speak something a very good sign that she's going to have at least a partial recovery. >> we understand that the bullet essentially went through the temple. i'm not familiar enough with the mapping of the brain to know what centers might be affected there, but can you guess? >> that particular part of the brain, that side of the brain is mostly involved with behavior, thinking, spatial reasoning, but it looks like she might have been spared the vocal center of the brain. it also depends on how much is involved. so again, the fact that she seems to be responding to doctors and speaking is a very, very good sign that she's going to return to some level of function here. >> john: and this amazing brain that god gave us is able to relearn tasks. i mean, different parts of the brain are able to take over tasks that previously they hadn't handled. right? >> absolutely. two more quick points. number one, there doesn't seem to have been a lot of bleeding here, because that's what you worry about, hitting an artery.
6:51 pm
doesn't look like it happened. and the fact that the bullet passed through is also good for her 'cause we don't have to worry about a bullet being in there. now that the wound is clear, they can work on getting the brain to decrease its swelling. she can relearn task. i think she will relearn tasks. >> john: there has sob some kind of bone chips that, kind of thing. does that come out in future surgeries? >> i don't think that there will be bone chips within the brain itself. usually when the bullet enters, that comes out rather than going in. but the problem here is that the bullet itself is what we call kinetic. it expands energy and so the swelling goes like this and you see a large hole. it takes hours for that hole to close. that's what they're watching her carefully for. the fact ha she's awake. they keep her sedated. they're not going to let her remain fully awake. the fact that she responded is incredibly positive. >> john: you started off this conversation by saying what you're going to tell us about is a miracle. i just would like you to sort of expound on that again.
6:52 pm
the fact that a woman can take a bullet that enters one side of the head and goes out the other, passes through the brain and yet she's speaking after all of this has taken place. >> john, the chances of this happening are so astronomically low that this -- this is a direct intervention from the almighty n my opinion. >> john: wow. dr. mark siegle, you can't say it any better than that. absolutely incredible. this woman was at death's door and it had been announced publicly that she had passed away and who would have disbelieved it? i mean, she took a bullet through the head at close range. we understand that the prognosis for congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who just spoke to fox yesterday, the prognosis is good. doctors say that she was speaking and they believe that they will be able to save her life. in the hours since the shooting at the event she was hosting in arizona, we have seen a tremendous outpouring of sympathy across the political
6:53 pm
spectrum. those who knew her best are offering a insights into her life. joining us on the phone, tim bee, he has known the giffords since they were both children in kindergarten and serves as director of governor john brewer's southern arizona office. we heard from the governor earlier, she's obviously very shaken by this event. tim, i'm sure you are as well. >> absolutely. and my family and i had just gotten home from our kids' soccer game when we heard. you kind of go through the whole stage of disbelief and shock and outrage that something like this could happen. >> we were just speaking with the governor -- with the doctor about the fact that she is doing amazingly well according to what her doctors are saying. she must be tough, huh? >> absolutely. our prayers immediately went out to gab yehl and her family and the other victims victims and sd
6:54 pm
and were encouraged. i've known her since we were five years old. i served in the state senate with her and ran against her in 2008 for the congressional seat she now holds. and she's just a real fighter. and also very gracious and kind person. so i know that having optimism and also being a person who fights is going to serve her well as she recovers. >> john: talk about that and boy, that's just another chapter in this incredible story where people from both parties speak so fondly about her. here you are a lifetime friend of hers and yet you ran against her for the congressional seat that she's holding. >> we certainly had our differences politically and we tried to make our race about the issues and it certainly was never about her as a person. i hi she felt the same about me. the republicans didn't stand much of a chance of winning. but gabrielle ran a good race
6:55 pm
and it's a horrible tragedy. >> horrible tragedy for her and her family and also let us not forget there are at least five people who have lost their lives here, including a nine-year-old girl who was apparently just an innocent bystander here. also that federal judge, john roll. you're a lifetime as arizona resident, i take it. what is the mood of your state going to be coming out of this tragedy? >> i think we're just absolutely in shock, but also united to make sure that justice is brought and to make sure that something like this never happens again in arizona. >> how do you do that? >> well, i don't know that i have the answers to that right now, or that anybody does. but obviously one of the big concern social security how does this impact the ability of an elected official, whether a congress person or governor or state legislator to communicate with their constituents without having to be surrounded by a mob
6:56 pm
of security team. the congresswoman has worked very hard to try and communicate with her constituents. she's held these events throughout her time in office. it's a chance to see the person -- it's a chance to interact with people on a one on one basis. and i know i did that throughout my political career, our governor does that. how does this event change that interaction with the people of arizona and with the people of the country? >> you've known her since you were both five years old. everybody at a time like this wants to get to know a little bit more about the person we are covering. tell us your favorite gabrielle giffords story. >> i have a favorite one, but probably one of our fondest memories, when we were in elementary school together, we both had the same role in different casts that played
6:57 pm
pinocchio. we plate gipetto. that was fun memory. we also played in the band together. she was a french horn player. i played the trombone. oftentimes, because we were both good students, we were vying for the top scores in our classes. always a competition between us. but also a very, very good relationship is this. >> john: that competition went right through 'til 2006 you were running against her? >> 2008. >> john: again, she's just beginning her third term and we certainly hope and expect that she will be able to finish out that term. congresswoman gabrielle giffords shot through the head, but amazingly, doctors say that she is recovering and they expect that that recover will continue. let's recap now what we know and let me say thanks again to tim bee, the guest we were speaking with. >> thank you. >> john: thanks for joining us and sharing your insights into the life of a congresswoman who has done a lot of great things
6:58 pm
for her district, it so would appear, and has really inspired a lot of people just with the fact that she is surviving this terrible attack. a gunman opened fire at an event she was hosting. congresswoman gabrielle giffords hosting congress congress on the corner in tucson, arizona, now in critical condition, but in that amazing press conference we heard, her doctor says he's very optimistic that she will pull through. five people sadly were killed in this shooting rampage. one of them, a u.s. district judge. the chief federal judge for arizona, john roll. a nine-year-old girl, whose name we do not yet know, also was killed. harris faulkner has more information on the suspect who is in police custody right now. us what? >> if we can, let's pop up that picture of him. that's from mountain view high school. we learned the school district is in congresswoman giffords'
6:59 pm
district. according to records, this young man graduated high school back in 2007. mountain view high school in tucson, arizona, in the congresswoman's district, that's what we're learning. we just got this picture in a little while ago. as we're learning more, we want to add that. tucson police have told me that they have surrounded and are giving security to several residences and hospitals in the area. separate from that through our reporting we learned they have surrounded at least one home and that home is listed on a cross reference registry with an event that the man in that picture attended not long ago. it was the address, according to local reporting and our own reporting, that was listed for that event, the tucson book festival in 2010. so as we learn more, police have surrounded that home. i don't know if they're looking for evidence. as we learn, police surrounded the home. i don't know


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